"You only need an impressive résumé
when you want the

A Professional Résumé
is an investment in getting ahead in today's job market.

It must LOOK professional and READ professional to:

Be impressive enough to attract the attention of those who hire.
Be impressive enough to encourage employers to give YOU an interview.

At CareerPro, we professionally write, edit, and format your resume
to make the best impression to potential employers ...
to help you get the JOB you want...
at the SALARY you deserve.

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          • 5 Styles or Formats - - (Choose the one which appeals to you.)
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        "I got a job in 24 hours with my Career Pro resume." (JR)

        "Your resume did wonders for me. I got a better job at a higher salary.
            The interviewer said that the resume is what did it." (DK)

        “I sent out 10 resumes and had 6 calls for interviews in 2 days.” (RM)

        "A personnel director told me it was the most impressive resume she'd seen in the last 10 years." (CS)

        "I sent 4 of my resumes out the first week and got 4 calls. That shows how powerful your resumes are." (BB)

        "Your resumes really work. I got a job at the first place I sent it." (JS)

        “After reading my resume, a company offered me $5000 a year more than they planned to pay for the
           position. And I took it.” (GM)

        "My Career Pro resume worked miracles for me." (NH)

        “It worked. I got the job I wanted.” (DS)

        “At a Job Fair, I was told, ‘You get the Best Resume of the Day Award.’
           And everyone who saw it was impressed.” (TR)

        “An interviewer said it’s the best resume he’s ever seen.” (BF)

        “I got the exact job I wanted. Everyone said my resume was beautiful.” (KS)

        “One resume I sent out got me calls from 3 places around the country.” (SP)

        “You certainly wrote me a job-winning resume.” (BB)

        “My resume helps to keep me moving up the ladder.” (AH)

        “I always get the job I want with my resume.” (GB)

        “I got a $70,000 a year job offer in Information Technology for a resume I mailed out a year and a half ago.” (JG)

        “You were right. My resume got me a lot of interviews.” (RH)

        ”Thank you for a great resume. I got offered a Management position.” (PB)

        “My resume is getting me all kinds of attention.” (LG)

        “An interviewer told me it’s the best cover letter and resume he’s ever seen.” (LD)

        "They were so impressed with my resume that I got the job without an interview." (LH)

{And there’s a wall at our office with literally hundreds more.}

Over 5000 extremely satisfied clients!


1) Will I be satisfied with just any job at any salary?

2) What kind of resume will it take for me to stand out to employers?

3) What am I willing to invest to accomplish that?

4) What can I lose without a resume Professional enough to get me job offers I deserve?

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